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Not All Chitosan Oligosaccharide Is Active For Plant Health

Product: Ultra High Bioactive Chitosan Oligosaccharide (UHB COS)

Origin: Snow Crab Shell from Alaska, America

Molecular Formula: (C6H11NO4)n

Chitosan Oligosaccharide is the Sixth Life-Essential Element, the defensive factor of life. It's widely used for medical application, agriculture, plant protection, animal health and environment protection.

Under certain conditions, Chitosan can undergo different reactions, such as hydrolysis, alkylation, acylation, carboxymethylation, sulfonation, nitration, halogenation, oxidation, reduction, condensation and complexation, which can produce various Chitosan derivatives with different properties for different applications.

Not all Chitosan Oligosaccharide is created equal.

Not all Chitosan Oligosaccharide has bioactivity for plant health. 
Different raw materials and production processes determine the different bioactivity and quality of Chitosan Oligosaccharides.

Different uses require different mechanisms and different product characteristics. For example, some Chitosan is good for human health, but not active for plant health.

The content of ACTIVE Chitosan Oligosaccharide for plant health determines product's bioactivity, efficacy, also compatibility and solubility levels. 

Blue Ocean Ultra High Bioactive Chitosan Oligosaccharide (UHB COS) is the MOST BIOACTIVE, SOLUBLE and COMPATIBLE COS for plant health on the market. 

This depends on:

 Cutting-edge biotechnologies - Unique Bioenzymatic Hydrolysis Technologies

 High quality raw material - Snow Crab Shell from Alaska

Blue Ocean UHB COS stimulates plant immune system, prevents diseases, improves stress tolerance. Also it fosters plant growth and development throughout the crop life cycle from seed germination to plant maturity, improves crop vigour, quality and yields.

Blue Ocean UHB COS has many advantages:

• Food grade ingredient, natural, safe, non-toxic and eco-friendly. Safe for human, bee, beneficial insects, bird, fish and animal.

• Well-characterized: Ultra High Bioactivity, Excellent Compatibility, Synergy and Solubility.

Improving plant immunity. Plant disease prevention and control caused by fungi, bacteria and virus.

• Nematode prevention & control.

Improving stress tolerance to adverse weather and environmental factors.

Promoting plant growth, maintaining health.

Improving quality, increasing yield, increasing storage life.

Improving soil ecosystem.

Very low dosage, only ppm level. High ROI to the growers, more than 10:1.

UHB COS is a more natural and efficient solution to alleviate the effects of global drought on agriculture, improve synergies with fertilizers and pesticides.

Ultrapure COS for Scientific Research
Blue Ocean Ultrapure Chitosan Oligosaccharides are derived from snow crab shells, using unsurpassed enzymatic hydrolysis, derivatization and chromatographic separation. They are intended for scientific research, widely used as chromatographic standards for TLC / HPLC analysis, as defined substrates in the study of enzyme characteristics.

In addition to providing UHB COS for crop and plant protection, Blue Ocean Biotech also provides Ultrapure COS for scientific research:
Chitobiose 98%
Chitotriose 98%
Chitotetraose 98%
Chitopentaose 97%
Chitohexaose 96%
Chitoheptaose 98%
Chitooctaose 98%
Chitononaose 95%
Chitodecaose 95%

Direct Plant Applications

Blue Ocean Ultra High Bioactive Chitosan Oligosaccharide (UHB COS) can be used for direct plant applications, also ideal active ingredient for formulations. It’s extremely versatile, consistent and compatible, making them synergy to enhance your crop protection or nutritional products more effective, setting them apart from others on the market.

Blue Ocean UHB COS is applicable for High Value Crops, Vegetable, Fruit, Flowers, Tea Tree, Medicinal Plants, Tobacco, Ornamental Plants, Golf Course, Lawn, Pastures, etc.

Recommended Application:

Foliar Spray, Drip Irrigation and Seed Treatment.

It can be mixed with most fertilizers, pesticides and agrochemicals.

Formulations & Synergies


Blue Ocean Ultra High Bioactive Chitosan Oligosaccharide (UHB COS) is an ideal ingredient for formulation developments, making synergy with other ingredients in your crop protection or nutritional products, setting them apart from others on the market.

It is perfect ingredient for your:


• Fertilizers

• Pesticides


• Plant Nutrients


• Seed Treatments 

• Plant Growth Regulators

• Hydroponics Nutrient Solutions