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Despite Challenges, Biostimulants Market Is Growing
Resource from: Daniel Jacobs, AgriBusiness Global

Fifty years ago the world sat riveted as man first set foot on the moon. It was a feat of extraordinary courage and technological brilliance.

It must have been an exciting time to be at the forefront of science and technology. And while agricultural technology might not offer the exhilaration of sending astronauts hurtling through space at thousands of miles an hour to land on a new world, that doesn’t mean exciting things aren’t happening to ag. And when it comes to feeding the world, it might be more important.

It’s often difficult to recognize an industry undergoing a radical shift. Change is often slow, taking place over years or decades. And only much later are historians able to look back and identify the critical timeframe that an industry moved into a new era. I’m confident in saying that one day historians will reflect on this decade as the one in which agriculture underwent a seismic shift.

Biologicals, in particular biostimulants, have captivated the industry. It’s ironic that biostimulants have been around nearly as long as ag itself. Early farmers figured out long ago that adding certain substances to their crops enhanced their growth. In the past century companies have — to varying degrees of success — tried to convince growers of the value of biostimulants.

Biostimulant companies have faced hurdles that range from questions about product efficacy and navigational challenges from intellectual property to registration and definition and more.

Despite all of that, the segment is projected to reach $2.9 billion within two years. There are companies out there that have figured out the formula for biostimulant success.

AgriBusiness Global™ is proud to be at the forefront of this technology by presenting the second-annual Biostimulant CommerceConSM. The event will take place at Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City, New Jersey, 29-30 July, and will feature some of the most forward-thinking and successful industry leaders.

Amvac’s Bob Trogele, Pacific Agrisciences’ C S Liew, and ABM’s Dan Custis will highlight a panel on the future of crop inputs. Also scheduled are sessions on: M&A, joint ventures, and product licensing; communicating the importance of biostimulants along the supply chain; and success stories from early adopters.

As part of our conference we will present the Industry Impact Award, an initiative organized to recognize the groundbreaking change happening across agriculture as a result of the great minds and entrepreneurs in the biostimulant space.

Immediately following the Biostimulant CommerceCon will be the 15th-annual Trade SummitSM, the industry’s premier agchem event. This year once again features Dr. Bob Fairclough, Director of AgriGlobe, Kleffman Group, providing his unique “State of the Global Crop Input Market” report. Among the other presenters will be Stephen Pearce, Director AWP Associates Ltd and Bancella Ltd, who will share insights on “Sourcing: Better Days Ahead.”

AgriBusiness Global is also proud to announce that Mexico will serve as our country partner for the event. Jim Delisi, Fanwood Chemicals Inc., will explain “The U.S., Mexico, Canada Deal and Its Expected Impact on Agrichemicals and Agriculture.” In addition there will be a market report on Mexico and a discussion on the rise of drone applications in agribusiness.